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Spanish Language Course for Business

Did you know that you don't need to fully master a language to conduct business effectively?

Just like CIA and other Spy Agencies, who equip their spies with the essential language skills needed for their missions, you too can thrive in Spanish-speaking markets by mastering the key vocabulary and language forms relevant to your business.

At Lengualista, we specialize in providing customized Spanish courses for businesses. Our training focuses on equipping you with the necessary language tools to confidently communicate your business proposition in Spanish. No need for fluency - just the right vocabulary and structures to get your message across.

Expand your horizons and tap into new opportunities with our expert guidance. Talk to us today, and let us help you navigate the Spanish-speaking business world with ease!

1rst Class -
Spanish For Travel

Travel confidently knowing the essential communication tools to express yourself, request for help and ask for services in Spanish. 
We made it easy and fun to learn Spanish and packed the course with everything you need to pack in your bag to have fun while vacationing in any Spanish country.

New In-Person Live Course starting soon, January 8th, 2024!

Don´t forget to pack your Spanish speaking skills with you! 

Live Course Starting January 8th 2024! 
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Private and Semi-Private Lessons for Adults

Custom made online private classes that will help you achieve your personal and business goals with 1:1 instruction or semi-private 2 on 1 classes to start learning with your friend, co-worker or colleague. 
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