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Arnaly Arriaga

ESL and Spanish teacher. Content creator.
Arnaly stumbled into teaching quite by accident, but she swears it's the best twist of fate in her life. Her academic journey took her through Administration, Marketing, and a rockin' Bachelor of Music from McGill University. Music was her jam—she performed, snagged awards, and then life took an unexpected turn. Cue the babies and the start of her teaching gig.
What started as a side hustle quickly became the most rewarding chapter of her life. For a solid decade, she's been rocking the teaching world, sharing her love for piano, English, and Spanish. Her passion for nurturing young minds and fueling their creativity keeps her happily occupied. And when she's not busy inspiring minds, Arnaly keeps things interesting with a love for all things spicy, though she's not diving headfirst into the world of super-hot peppers.
Arnaly's story is a testament to life's unexpected surprises, from an accidental teacher to a passionate educator who's living her best life.

Ken Shasky

Spice nut, Marketing and Content creator
Ken has hot spices running through his veins.... literally! He could compete in the Hottest Pepper Eating Contest and win. Ken worked for more than 20 years in the food brokerage business, where he represented brands such as Tabasco (sounds familiar?) Ocean Spray and many others in Canada. With that same passion, he opened a food truck and became a brand name in Nova Scotia. Now retired from working on the truck, he has his own YouTube show in which he shares his knowledge and has fun. Ken has the responsibility of keeping the content alive and spicy. He was Arnaly's first Spanish student. 

Belén Gallo

Marketing Content creator & planner Genius
Belén lives in Argentina and loves the spot where marketing meets interculturality. She studied Intercultural Business Management at Universidad del Salvador and Global Business Development with specialization in Digital Marketing at ESDES. Belén has worked in projects with coleagues and classmates from over 20 nationalities and works hard to bring what she has learned into Lengualista's communication.

Mary Castro

Spanish Teacher. Education specialist.
Mary is from the tropical island of Puerto Rico, going towards her 10th year as a Teacher. She has taught over 4,000 students globally. She brings patience and joy to the classroom and is very passionate about helping children grow and learn. Not only that, but she has a bachelor degree and a TESOL Certification. She has the Spanish roots running through her veins, and you'll see her dance while listening to music, as she enjoys a variety of genres

What's the spice all about?

Many scientific studies in Neuroscience have demonstrated that learning occurs easier when accompanied by strong positive emotions and students are paired with enjoyable experiences. Our main goal is to make learning memorable so our students want to come back and learn more.

Specialized Instructors.

Besides being teachers, our instructors are musicians and artists in different fields of the creative arts. This additional skills clearly enrich our courses with art and sparks our natural creativity and intuition while keeping your memory sharp.  


It has been scientifically proven that learning while having fun eases up the knowledge acquiring process. Based on this, we decided to spice up our courses with fun all over the place, from games to fun exercises, tricks to keep your mind sharp and jokes all over the lessons.  

Peer learning

Our learners can benefit from learning with their peers, no matter their age. We promote learning teams through games and competitions. 


We offer live online small groups courses or online asynchronous learning for those who are shy of groups. All of our courses feature additional activities that support fun learning throughout.

Core Features

All of our courses promote fun learning assisted with music, arts, additional activities and live interaction. 

Video Conferencing

Our online live classes happen through the Zoom platform along with educational apps that enhance the classes and make them fun.
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Our certified trainers will unveil the little-known techniques to nurture your online adventure at a very affordable cost. Arnaly Arriaga, Juan José Capella and Ana Cecilia Rodriguez are fully qualified teachers with extensive practical and specific knowledge of education, music and languages.
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