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1st Class Spanish: Travel - Greetings

Travel confidently to any Spanish speaking country with the right tools to speak the Spanish language. In this part one of six units course, you will learn greetings, when to use "tu" as opposed to "usted", time, female and male words. The course includes more than 40 minutes of instructional video and countless additional activities on each lesson.
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Arnaly Arriaga

Spanish and ESL Teacher
Arnaly became a teacher by accident, and that, in her own words, has been the best accident ever. She studied Administration, Marketing and also became a Bachelor of Music from McGill University. She performed, sang, won awards, and decided to have babies when she met the coolest guy, her husband, Ken. That's when teaching appeared in her life. It started as a side job, and ended up being a very successful career. After 10 years of teaching piano, English and Spanish. Her love for teaching and creating keeps her happily busy. She is quite moderate with the Hot Peppers.
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