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Highly qualified teachers in the area of language learning, music and education. 

Why our students love us  

The class was amazing. Prof. Arnaly uses total physical response, games, songs, videos and hands-on activities to teach Spanish. She challenged the students and really tried to connect to them. My son can't wait to take the next course from her. She is an awesome teacher! 
Shannon M.
This is the second class my daughter has taken by Prof. Arnaly. I am amazed at how much Spanish she has learned in so little time and how much fun she had learning it. Prof. Arnaly has such a passion for teaching kids Spanish in a very fun, interactive and engaging way. My daughter loved every aspect of the class. Prof. Arnaly’s enthusiasm and love for what she does shines through her as she teaches.
Megen M.
This was a fantastic class. The teacher is enthusiastic and helpful in getting students excited about their learning and helping them improve their pronunciation, comfort with speaking in Spanish and vocabulary.
Hillary F.

Why is our academy so successful? 

The answer lies in the concept of hybrid courses. Online live lessons + Online content

Live Lessons

Your child is not only interacting with a computer. There is a qualified teacher that gives personalized training.

Unique Support 

Our classes resemble a live environment as there is constant interaction with the teacher from the beginning until the end of the course.

Video Conferencing

We use Zoom for our live classes and support the activities via our platform.

Activities Galore

Children have additional activities to do before and after class to keep them happily occupied.

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