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¡Yo hablo español! Basic Spanish for Children IV

Get your child into Spanish conversation mode! In this level, children will get more in depth into verbs, question formulation and even more vocabulary in Spanish with the goal of successfully starting a conversation.

8 Live Online Classes

Starting date


Starting date





4 weeks
2 + Hrs Weekly Activities



What you are going to learn

Learn the song, learn the language.

Level IV of this course introduces serious conversation skills, making emphasis in formulating questions correctly along with their correct answer. 
What your children will learn:

  • Questions
  • Conversation
  • Introduction to Past tense.
  • More prepositions
  • Reflexive verbs.

Course contents

Arnaly Arriaga

ESL and Spanish Teacher
Arnaly became a teacher by accident, and that, in her own words, has been the best accident ever. She studied Administration, Marketing and also became a Bachelor of Music from McGill University. She performed, sang, won awards, and decided to have babies when she met the coolest guy, her husband, Ken. That's when teaching appeared in her life. It started as a side job, and ended up being a very successful career. After 10 years of teaching piano, English and Spanish. Her love for teaching and creating keeps her happily busy. She is quite moderate with the Hot Peppers.

Course reviews

This is an awesome class. Arnaly provides materials to prepare for the next class and homework to follow up. She engages the children. She is enthusiastic. My son is repeating what he is learning and is excited to be in the class. Thank you!
Sharon D.

Great class! Profe Arnaly is such a great teacher! She keeps the students engaged and learning the entire time with fun and interactive lessons.
Paige B.

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