Lesson series

¡Yo Hablo Español!
Basic Spanish for Children I 

Live online Spanish classes in small groups for children ages 7 to 11.
8 Fun filled classes using music, games and entertaining activities. Children learn the alphabet, greetings, key questions, vocabulary, likes and dislikes and pronunciation.

8 Live Online Classes

Starting date



2X per Week
Monday and Wednesday


6 to 8 Students Max


4 weeks
2 + hours per week


$16.25 per session

What your child will learn

Learn the song, learn the language!

Music and languages are closely related. This is why every lesson of this course features a song specifically written for Spanish learning with carefully chosen vocabulary to stimulate children's intuition and curiosity, and of course, permanent learning.
Some of the things your children will learn:

  • Greetings
  • Key questions
  • Vocabulary based on cognates.
  • Intuitive knowledge of the language.
  • Essential support elements that will pave the way for a comprehensive learning.

Arnaly Arriaga

ESL and Spanish Teacher. 
Arnaly became a teacher by accident, and that, in her own words, has been the best accident ever. She studied Administration, Marketing and also became a Bachelor of Music from McGill University. She performed, sang, won awards, and decided to have babies when she met the coolest guy, her husband, Ken. That's when teaching appeared in her life. It started as a side job, and ended up being a very successful career. After 10 years of teaching piano, English and Spanish. Her love for teaching and creating keeps her happily busy. She is quite moderate with the Hot Peppers.

Course reviews

I highly recommend this course! She has so much energy and makes learning Spanish fun for the kiddos but at the same time gets them involved so they are practicing and building confidence! Awesome teacher who loves what she is doing!!!
Mandi K
Profe Arnaly was engaged with our boys (ages 7&8) from the first minute of the first class. She is a terrific teacher. Arnaly uses many learning methodologies to teach - music, games, and contests - to keep the students curious about learning. The "homework" (always optional) was also a fun way for the kids to reinforce the vocabulary and concepts they learned in class - she really ties all of the ideas together, building on each class as she goes. Our boys have a basic understanding of Spanish after completing this course - and they even sing the songs around the house! We have already enrolled in her Level II class because we were so impressed with Level I.
Colleen M
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